A Guide to Sustainable Plumbing

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2024-03-04 10:10:45

An annual investigation into consumers attitudes towards sustainability and sustainable behaviours shows that they are becoming more environmentally conscious. In fact, when compared to data collected in 2022, this year’s results showed more consumers have been adopting a sustainable lifestyle by improving their habits at home.

As well as uncovering what consumers do and what they care about, the study also found, from a business perspective, that trust in brands improves when there’s evidence a company takes sustainability seriously and adopts green principles.

With this in mind, we’ve created this guide to highlight some of the main benefits you’ll experience by implementing a greener approach within your business. We’ll look closely at several areas most relevant to you including the materials you work with, supporting homeowners to improve their property’s energy efficiency and exploring changes you could make to your general business operations to improve your green credentials.

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sustainable plumbing guide