Attenuation for Retirement Living  with AquaCell Core R

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2023-06-26 14:55:51

McCarthy Stone develops beautiful, sustainable, and affordable retirement properties. The company had secured a brown  field redevelopment in which 43 retirement apartments will  be situated. Tonic Construction were tasked with providing inline storm water attenuation in which they turned to  Wavin StormForce for assistance. 

aquacell retirement living

Key facts

  • Customer McCarthy Stone Retirement Living
  • Contractor: Tonic Construction
  • Project Value: £15,000
  • Project size: 330m3 or 3 areas of attenuation tanks
  • Completion date: September 2022
  • Products used: StormForce using Wavin AqauCell CoreR

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for this project started on the site. Due to site level limitations, storage needed to be of an irregular shape to fit within the tight spaces of the parking area. Being based under the parking court, the tank needed to be able to withstand traffic loadings. 

Tonic Construction have an environmental responsibility to ensure operations have minimal impact on surroundings and habitat, and products used during operations are environmentally friendly. 

AquaCell core case study 2

The Solution

To overcome the complexities of the site, Wavin Technical and Wavin StormForce were called upon to provide an end-to-end solution, providing Tonic Construction with a single source solution of design, supply, and installation for piece of mind. Tonic Construction also utilisied Wavin Technical services to provide advice on technical aspects such as cover depths and drainage connections. Wavin Technical liaised with the drainage engineer to come up with a workable solution for the complex site. This is a perfect example of Wavin working with multiple parties to create an ideal solution for the client. 

StormForce were able to supply, design and install 3 areas of attenuation using AquaCell CoreR within the tight programme of works, which suited all design and loading criteria. Ian Nicholls,Technical Manager, Tonic Construction



Wavin StormForce is an end to end solution for design supply and installation

• Consult and advise
• Design
• Manufacture
• Supply
• Installation
• Handover & warranty

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