Attenuation tanks...but three times faster

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2023-02-22 14:24:47

AquaCell NG attenuation tanks were installed in record time at 110 home development for Bellway Homes.

When M & J Evans won the contract with Bellway Homes they committed to supply chain excellence, building in a sustainable way, showing true commitment to the needs of the community both now and in the future. They needed a stormwater solution that also delivered on this promise.


The stormwater management challenge

M & J Evans needed to find a stormwater solution that had ​superb sustainability credentials whilst still being of optimum functionality, easy to install and fit for the long term. ​ With many houses being built on the site in Worksop they needed to work quickly and efficiently without impacting on other trades also working on the site. There was limited storage space on site and limited access times for deliveries due to the busy nature of a live site. ​The attenuation tank installation also took place during a rather frosty December with temperatures dropping to as low as -7 degrees C. It was therefore imperative for the safety and comfort of the installation team that they could work with a product that was quick and easy to install. ​The tank installation needed to be completed within five days therefore M & J Evans were looking for a tried and tested solution that met their needs.

AquaCell NG Comp 2023Next generation attenuation with AquaCell NG

M & J Evans has worked closely with Wavin for a number of years and approached us to find the perfect solution to their needs. This is when they first discovered AquaCell NG. 

Tried and Tested in Europe, the product meets their needs for: 

  • Sustainability
  • Ease of Install
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Ease of Storage
  • Inspectability


An end to end stormwater solution

​Compact design​

The compact design of AquaCell NG further bolstered the commitment to sustainability as the whole project was delivered in just three lorry loads, ​a marked reduction in CO2 emissions being a quarter the number used for similar projects in the past. This also eased congestion on site with less deliveries planned and a smaller storage footprint required. ​

AquaCell (new 2020) exploded view_300dpi_217x146mm_C_NR-52029

Ease of install​

The project was completed within good time considering the challenging weather, installation was complete in just 3 days. This was thanks to the lightweight, push fit and click together design. MJ Evans also utilised Wavin’s technical team for advice on the designs to ensure the smooth process between plant equipment transfer, excavation and install. Wavin recommended AquaCell NG, as this has been tried and tested across different countries in the Wavin collective and we were sure it was the optimum solution for their needs. ​161222-10

Sustainable attenuation

The AquaCell NG product is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at end of life. Therefore ticking all the right boxes for Bellway Homes when considering a sustainable supply chain. They were sure it was the optimum solution for their needs. 

We had a design brief to achieve for a residential development in Worksop of 110 new build plots for our client Bellway Homes, and due to our close working relationship with Wavin, we were offered a new product that looked fantastic. We feel very privileged to be the first contractor and project in the country to install the new Aquacell NG product on a live site and, from start to finish the installation went extremely smoothly. The product is very easy to be delivered to site and store due to the ingenious stacking system and installation was quick and nonproblematic.  As always, the expertise and product support from Wavin representatives was second to none. Overall, we are very pleased with the whole product and installation and will definitely be our preferred product going forward. Adam Newsome, Contracts Manager

For your next project, why not switch to the next generation attenuation solution?