Connect Hep2O and Tigris K1 for commercial plumbing projects

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2022-05-31 22:00:00

When designing a plumbing and heating system for your next commercial project, you may have already chosen Tigris K1 as your first choice for multilayer pipes and fittings.

But did you know you can also quickly and easily connect Tigris K1 to our industry-leading plumbing and heating brand Hep2O?


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What is Tigris K1?

Tigris K1 is a press-fit plumbing system designed for potable water, sanitary and heating applications. The Tigris K1 system comprises multilayer composite pipe and high-quality PPSU fittings with a fixed stainless steel sleeve, in sizes from 16mm to 75mm. Fittings are compressed onto the pipe using a battery-powered press-fit tool in an operation that takes a fraction of the time of traditional soldering techniques.




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What is Hep2O?

Hep2O is a push-fit plumbing system with slim and sleek fittings, which work with both plastic and copper pipe and is ideal for a range of hot and cold water and heating applications. All fittings feature a unique In4sureTM joint recognition technology which tells you when a secure joint has been made. And if you need to adjust things onsite, HepKeyTM unlocks the tamper-proof fittings, making demounting simple. No wonder it’s the only plastic system approved by British Gas and used by 70% of major UK housebuilders.




When should you combine Tigris K1 and Hep2O?

Due to its compatibility with our Hep2O push-fit plumbing system, as well as traditional copper pipe, Tigris K1 is perfect for use in both refurbishment and large-scale industrial and commercial projects such as high-rise buildings, and apartments and office blocks.

The larger diameter K1 pipes and fittings are used to provide plumbing and heating solutions to the whole building – simply select the correct size from one of the Hep2O adaptors to distribute the water to the individual apartments or office buildings as it is needed.


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