Future Homes and Buildings Standards: What Developers Need to Know

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2024-05-23 10:03:43

future homes


UK developers have received the strongest indication yet that the Future Homes and Buildings Standard will go live in 2025, as planned. Reinforcing the government’s commitment to “improving the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions of new homes and non-domestic buildings”, the Future Homes and Buildings Standard is a proactive step towards creating more resilient, sustainable and liveable communities. It also represents a significant opportunity for the construction industry to advance its contribution to a more environmentally friendly future. 

To help developers implement the Future Homes and Buildings Standard in a future-proofed way that goes beyond just compliance, we’ve analysed the key implications of the legislation and identified key takeaways to make the process as smooth as possible. Our new report features:

  • An analysis of the path to the Future Homes and Buildings standard

  • The new legislation decoded: what developers need to know

  • What are the surprises in the consultation?

  • How can the developers get the most from the standard?

  • What should developers be doing now to seize the advantage?

  • Wavin Indoor climate solutions

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