How indoor climate solutions can add value for new homeowners

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2023-10-10 10:32:16

ICS report

Growing awareness by homeowners of energy efficiency measures, uplifts to UK building regulations and future homes standards are changing the 
way that new homes are heated and ventilated. This report explains how integrated indoor climate solutions (ICS) including underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and smart controls can add value and satisfy preferences of buyers whilst helping house-builders to meet these regulations. 

It reveals the ICS benefits that motivate new build buyers and support price premiums including:

  • Almost all prospective buyers rate energy performance as important when buying a new home
  • 85.4% would be prepared to pay more for a home that is more energy efficient than the current regulatory environment
  • 89.1% of new buyers would consider mechanical ventilation of it was likely to be more energy efficient

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