How to dismount Hep2O

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2021-07-11 08:52:54

One of the unique advantages of Hep2O’s plastic push fit plumbing is that once fitted, the joint is safe and secure and cannot be tampered with. Of course, there are instances when a joint needs to be demounted or adjusted, so we have three options for ensuring a simple process.




How to demount Hep2O with HepKey™

The standard HepKey™ is the easiest and quickest way to demount a Hep2O fitting. HepKey™ simply clips around the pipe and depresses the inner sleeve of the fitting. This opens the 316 stainless steel grab ring and releases the pipe. Watch the video below to see the standard HepKey in action.



How to demount Hep2O with HepKey™ Plus

HepKey™ Plus enables the installer to remove the Hep2O fitting with one hand, for example when working in a confined space such as under floorboards. It works by clipping onto the fitting and holding the grab ring open, allowing the pipe to be pulled out whilst leaving one hand free.

HepKey and HepKey plus are available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm versions. They are colour coded to match our packaging, so always easy to locate.



How to demount Hep2O


How to demount Hep2O with HepTool

This specialist metal demounting tool can help in restricted spaces, for example where a Hep2O fitting is hard up against a wall or another fitting.

The slimline spanner can get into awkward areas and allows greater flexibility. The HepTool can also be used to demount some of the reducer fittings in the range. HepTools are available in two formats – 15mm/22mm and 10mm/28mm.


Still not sure which Hep2O demounting tool is right for you?

The comparison table below highlights the key benefits of each option.


How to demount Hep2O

HepKey™ and HepKey Plus™ can be purchased from your local Hep2O stockist (use our Stockist Locator to find your nearest store) and HepTools can be requested by emailing or via Twitter.


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