How to remove Hep2O plastic push-fit connectors

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2023-05-26 14:10:41

Push fit plumbing makes replacing and repairing plumbing installations quick and easy for plumbers and the same can be said about demounting the pipes.

But before we find out more about a specialist tool that’s designed for simple and secure demounting, let’s first have a recap of the benefits of the push-fit plumbing system.

Brief overview of push-fit plumbing

Originally introduced to the UK market by us in the 1970s, the push-fit system revolutionised the industry and dramatically changed how plumbers operated.

Over the years we made some changes to the system, which included feedback from plumbers, and in the early 90s we launched Hep2O.

Known today as the leading choice for the professional installer, Hep2O is the most technologically advanced fitting on the market. Through innovative In4Sure joint technology, Hep2O creates a water-tight seal on all pipes with a simple push and twist motion – completely eradicating the need to solder on site. 

To learn more about push-fit plumbing and Wavin Hep2O, read our blog on the benefits of plastic push-fit pipes.

Hep2O fitting

What is HepKey?

Once Hep2O is fitted, the joint is incredibly secure, and the entire system is tamper proof. However, there will be times when the joints and connectors will need to either be dismounted or adjusted.

Demounting parts of a Hep2O plastic push-fit pipe system is quick and simple. This is because we have specially designed a tool for detaching pipes.

HepKey is a unique tool that’s been manufactured by us to seamlessly release pipes in a push-fit system.

Available in a range of colours and sizes (to match our pipe sizes) and easily operated within a few simple steps.

How do you use HepKey?

Here is an overview of how both the HepKey and HepKey Plus work in practice. 


Using the standard HepKey is simple.

Clip the HepKey tool around the pipe to depress the inner sleeve of the fitting. This will open the stainless steel grab ring and release the pipe, so it can be easily removed from the connector.

Check out the video below to see how the HepKey operates:


This is the easiest and quickest way to demount a Hep2O push-fit fitting.

Available in a range of sizes to be used on a number of pipes including 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.


HepKey Plus

Like HepKey, HepKey Plus also comes in a range of sizes to be used for a range of pipes including 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.

Hepkey plus sizes

Demounting push-fit pipes one handed

It’s also possible to use the HepKey and HepKey Plus tools with just one hand. At times, when it’s not always easy to get to the fitting with both hands, it’s simple to do.

Whether you’re using HepKey or HepKey Plus, click the tool onto the pipe. Slide the tool up to the socket and simply push the pipe off to demount it.

Watch how quick and easy this is to do in the video below:


Demounting fittings too close together

There may be occasions where the pipes in-situ are too close together, and this is one of the only times when the HepKey and HepKey Plus may not be able to release the pipes. This is because, as a smaller tool, the HepKey can sometimes struggle to fit into the gap to demount the pipe. In this instance, the best tool to use is HepTool.


This metal tool is perfect for use in restricted spaces. The slimline spanner design can easily get into the smaller and more awkward gaps between fittings.

To see a HepTool demount push-fit pipes too close together, watch the video below:

How to Hep2O Push-fit system and the demounting tool

With a 50-year guarantee, a wide choice of fittings, compatibility with copper pipes, and the impressive HepKey demounting tool, be sure to check out the Hep2O range today if you haven’t already.

Available through thousands of stockists across the UK, including builders’ merchants and trade outlets, you can get your hands on this high quality push-fit piping system and its demounting tool.

To find your local Hep2O stockist, click here.