How to: Safely clear guttering debris

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2022-09-23 09:59:51

At this time of year, high winds can bring heavy debris which can clog gutters and downpipes. If not cleared, rainwater can overflow the gutter and start causing damage to the property.
Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

If you are working on a project located near lots of trees, one way to clear gutter down pipes from debris building up is with Wavin Osma leaf guard.

How Osma leaf guard works

Put simply, leaves will settle on top of the guard instead of inside the guttering and will be blown off by the wind.

Water can still run through as normal, which not only means that the life of the guttering is prolonged but won’t need to be cleaned out anywhere near as often.


Wavin Osma leaf guard is easy to install by clicking together and being held in by the gutter brackets.

Wavin Osma leaf guard (part no. 0T017) is available for installation in conjunction with the Osma RoundLine rainwater system. It is sold in packs of 10 x 500mm lengths, manufactured from recycled plastics.

Watch our leaf guard video for a quick overview and check out the Wavin Osma channel on YouTube.



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