MLCP: The benefits of Tigris K5 Press-fit system

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2023-11-13 11:03:00

The introduction of our Wavin Tigris K5 press-fit system to the existing Tigris multilayer composite pipe (MLCP) family has revolutionised the way in which installations are tested within commercial projects.

Along with the unique testing system, which we’ll explore more closely in this blog, the Tigris K5 has a range of benefits that make it the go-to product for plumbing installations involving drinking water, chilled water, heating systems and underfloor heating systems.

Tigris K5 is designed to prevent errors made during an installation, resulting in a reliable and durable connection that has been tested beyond the requirements for a 50-year lifetime.

Let’s take a look at the system’s market-leading features, beginning with the unique air pressure testing capacity.

Modernising the pressure testing process with press-fit plumbing

Pipelines have been historically tested using water pressure – a fine and reliable enough method, no doubt, but one that comes with certain risks. The greatest of this is legionella, a water-borne bacteria that can cause a potentially fatal lung infection in those who breathe in infected water droplets.

There is evidence that this bacteria could develop in pipes if they are not effectively dried after water-pressure testing. It has been an ongoing concern for those in building large-scale projects for many years - so, at Wavin, we wanted to develop something to help combat this issue.

The Tigris K5 system uses air pressure, which tests the pipes as effectively without the risk of droplets developing bacteria. It also eliminates the need to allow time for the pipe to dry out thoroughly.

And by taking a water source out of the equation, installers are also reducing the risk of water damage. This is because air pressure guarantees that leaks will be quickly identified and therefore won’t be able to wreak havoc on a project by destroying electrical installations, new flooring or walls.

If that wasn’t enough, the Tigris system also employs an 80-decibel pressure leak alert, which sounds a high-pitched whistle when a leak is detected – enough to be heard in the loudest of environments.

Designed by our specialist engineers at Wavin, this is the world’s first acoustic leak alarm setting the Tigris K5 firmly apart from any other systems on the market.

What are the other benefits of Wavin's Tigris K5?

The system also has an Optiflow feature, comprising of a big inner diameter that ensures a 50% greater flow rate. This helps to reduce overall pressure and can also avoid any potential heat loss or legionella contamination.


The multi-jaw feature of the fittings ensures that both Tigris K5 and M5 are compatible with the five most common jaw profiles, avoiding the need to purchase new equipment for the installation process. This guarantees an easy switch to the new K5/M5 without additional costs or warranty considerations. 


Other features of the system include:

  • Easy pipe insertion without calibration
  • Proper pipe position visible 360°
  • Pipe stays in position before pressing
  • Clear visual water leaking when sleeve is not pressed
  • Reliable O-ring sealing, tested beyond market standards

How do you pressure test and identify leaks with Tigris K5?

The pressure testing process becomes much simpler for plumbers thanks to the Acoustic Leak Alert which is part of the improved Tigris K5.

Simply connect the air compressor and start the local test protocol. Turn the pressure up to approximately 0.15 bar. If there’s a leak you’ll begin to hear a whistle, locate the sound and then press the fitting to repair the leak.

Repeat the test protocol to guarantee all issues have been fixed.

Watch the full demonstration below for an overview on how to perform air pressure testing on the new K5 system.


Discovering Tigris K5

Ultimately when it comes to hot and cold water distribution, a safe and reliable system which will last for years is vital. The Wavin Tigris K5 is not only the first of its kind but it is also the perfect solution for installers on the hunt for a system that works incredibly well with multiple pressing profiles, offers a wider diameter and improved flow rate and, most importantly, can identify un-pressed fittings by producing a loud whistle like noise.

To see the quality of the product for yourself, request a free sample pack today.