New Product available from July: Osma B125 Inspection Chamber Covers & Frames

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2024-04-26 10:14:36

We are pleased to announce the launch of Osma B125, a new range of covers and frames to complement its extensive A15 offering designed for use in gravity drainage installations, available to order from July 2024.

The Osma B125 covers and frames, available in 450mm and 600mm square sizes, are designed for use in private residential and non-residential pedestrian areas – making them ideal for single domestic driveways and public footpaths.

With the rise of SUVs and EVs, modern cars are getting both bigger and heavier. A typical family car can now weigh over 2 tonnes, making A15 rated covers no longer sufficient for domestic driveways. The new Osma B125 range covers a maximum weight loading of 12.5 tonnes, offering peace of mind for any family car or van.

Independently tested and certified by the British Standards Institution, the B125 rated covers are also the minimum requirement for non-trafficked public spaces – supporting local authorities and developers with their drainage.

Features of the B125 covers include a 75mm frame depth and all-round square edges, ideal for fast and easy installation into block paving and improved tarmac adhesion. Additionally, the range includes optional cover locking points for increased security for higher risk areas.

Steve Jeffries, product manager at Wavin, said: “The launch of our Osma B125 covers and frames is set to advance our drainage offerings and help contractors ensure a high quality and durable installation in domestic driveways and public pedestrian areas.


“The Osma drainage inspection chambers offer several base and shaft configurations to gain access to underground drainage pipelines, giving specifiers and installers the freedom to choose the most suitable system for their needs. The development of our B125 covers and frames provides additional options for those in the industry.”

For more information about Wavin’s latest Osma B125 range, please get in touch or find your nearest stockist here