Osma DeepLine range now available in new Anthracite colour

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2021-07-11 08:52:54

Wavin’s Osma Deepline high-capacity rainwater system is now available in a new Anthracite grey colour, RAL 7016. The new colour option compliments the current trend for architectural features such as windows, doors, and soffits in the same colour.


Wavin’s Osma DeepLine high-capacity rainwater system is now available in a new Anthracite grey colour, RAL 7016. The new colour option complements the current trend for architectural features such as windows, doors, and soffits in the same colour. 

UK rainfall is getting heavier. Winter storms have doubled in 50 years with shorter, more intense downpours. Over the next 50 years, predictions suggest rainfall and storm frequency will increase even further. Building developmentsespecially residential properties are also getting taller and more densely located. The challenge to manage increasing volumes of rain and stormwater run-off safely and efficiently has never been so great. 


anthracite grey gutters


The DeepLine range is a semi-elliptical 113mm (4 1/2”) profiled gutter system with a circular 68mm downpipe for domestic applications where a high-capacity system is required. It can serve roof areas up to a maximum of 299m2 with one downpipe. Key features include: 

  • A hydrodynamic outlet to handle more rainwater than similarly sized competitive systems. 
  • Using specialist seal technology, wide retained seals provide a secure watertight fixture with the flexibility to allow for thermal expansion. 
  • Osma fittings have been engineered with concealed sockets to hide roughly cut downpipe ends. 
  • Expansion line and stopper for a secure and reliable installation. 
  • For ease of installation, DeepLine is fitted with a ‘Flexiclip’ seal jointing mechanism, making it easy to connect the gutter to fittings. Because the clip is flexed, rather than the whole component, this ensures a positive, permanently watertight joint.



Osma DeepLine is also available in black, white, brown and standard grey. 

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Wavin’s Osma Anthracite grey DeepLine range is now available to order from your local merchant.

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