Plastic Push Fit Connectors Explained

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2024-04-30 13:48:19

Plastic push fit plumbing has truly revolutionised traditional ways of working in the plumbing industry. Thanks to their ease of use and versatility, push fit connectors, in particular, allow for the quick and easy connection of pipes without the need for any specialist tools or equipment. In fact, push fit systems have completely eradicated the need for solder or glue because of the innovative technology used. They guarantee all pipes and connections can be fitted with ease and are incredibly secure.

Wavin Hep2O is a plastic push fit system for hot and cold water and central heating systems with a number of unique benefits and features. Its pipe and push-fit fittings are available in a range of sizes and come with a 50-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

As the go-to system for professional installations, we’ll explore push fit connectors in more detail in this blog - including how they work in practice. Read on for more.


The history of plastic push fit plumbing in the UK

Originally introduced to the UK in the 1970s, our Hep2O plastic push fit piping was designed with the aim to simplify plumbing installations for professionals. By utilising plastic as opposed to copper, push-fit systems also became an incredibly cost-effective alternative for many plumbers.
We continued evolving and improving the system for many years. As a result, we launched the next generation of push fit plumbing in the early 90s. Today Hep2O has become a ‘go to’ product for many plumbers because of its speed and ease of installation and reliable connections.

How do plastic push fit connectors work?

Push fit connectors have been specially designed with a series of internal components that allow them to grip onto the pipe to create a secure and reliable connection. Known as In4Sure joint recognition technology, this fantastic method offers complete peace of mind to all installers as the joint is guaranteed to connect properly and create a watertight, tamper proof seal every time. It’s incredibly easy to use and needs just a few products to build a complete robust plumbing system.

Two key parts of the push fit plumbing system which work in unison to create the unbreakable and rigid connection is the Hep2O push-fit connector and Smartsleeve.

Picture1-3                                               Picture2


Figure 1: Smartsleeve                                             Figure 2: Hep2O push fit connectors

It takes just a few simple steps to join the push fit connector and Smartsleeve.

1: Before installing the fitting (Smartsleeve), make sure to cut the pipe flush.

2: Insert the smart sleeve into the pipe.

3: Push the pipe into the push fit connector.

4: Push, twist to feel for the rumble and then pull back.

5: As the two profile surfaces come into contact with one another, you’ll feel that a secure connection has been made.

  Picture3                    Figure 3: In4Sure Joint Recognition Technology

For more information on how to connect the plastic push fit system to bathroom appliances, kitchen appliances as well as pipe runs and tee joints, check out our Wavin Hep20 installation guide.

How do you remove plastic push fit connectors?

One of the fantastic benefits of the Hep2O push fit connectors is that once it is connected, it creates a permanent connection making it impossible to release the pipe - the system is completely tamperproof. The only way to get the pipe out of the connector is to use the specialist demounting tools, HepKey or HepKey Plus.

HepKey is a pocket sized product which is incredibly easy to use. It releases the pipe by being clipped around the pipe and being held against the fitting.

Like its name suggests, HepKey Plus is bigger in size but works in a similar way to free the pipe. It clips onto the fitting and holds the grab ring open so the connector and pipe can be successfully pulled apart.

Picture4-2     Picture5
Figure 4: HepKey                                                                        Figure 5: HepKey Plus

To accommodate the different sized pipes that can be used in the system, the HepKey and HepKey Plus are available in a range of sizes. To make things even simpler, all elements of the Hep2O push fit piping system are colour coded so it’s easy to see which products work together.

The additional benefits of push fit fittings and connectors

In addition to being the most technologically advanced plastic push fit system in the market that’s incredibly easy to install, Hep2O is resistant to corrosion and scale build-up, its reliable fittings reduces the risk of leaks and burst pipes within the system and are covered by a 50-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Connecting copper to plastic push fit


What’s more, Hep2O can be connected to and used in conjunction with copper pipes. This is because the push fit fittings have been designed to create reliable joints with metric copper pipe to BS EN 1057 – R250 standard.

When working with copper, the system works in the same way creating a robust and reliable connection that can only be released with the use of either the HepKey or HepKey Plus demounting tool.


Figure 6: Copper and plastic push fit pipe


With a host of benefits, innovative technology and specialist demounting tools, there’s no doubt that Hep2O is the superior choice for professional installers across the UK.

Where can I buy plastic push fit connectors?

Wavin Hep2O plastic push-fit connectors are available at merchants nationwide as well as online retailers. To find your local merchant visit our handy stockist locator here.