What are the advantages of siphonic roof drainage?

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2022-09-14 09:18:36

Climate change is making weather patterns in the UK and across the world less predicatable with more intense rainfall occuring at more frequent intervals. This poses many challenges to building and home owners, not the least of which is safe roof drainage. Today, many large industrial, commercial and retail buildings use siphonic drainage to quickly and efficiently discharge the rainwater from their rooftops and residential buildings are beginning to follow suit.


Wavin Quickstream siphonic drainage system

Always forward-thinking, Wavin wanted to come up with a unique roof drainage solution that would amplify all the benefits and advantages of siphonic roof drainage. And it did. It’s called Wavin  Quickstream.

Gravity drainage vs. Siphonic drainage

Conventional (gravity-fed) roof drainage systems rely on gravity and water’s ability to spread out and flow to the lowest point – channeling from the roof down through the gutter, outlets and downpipes to the ground below. As water enters the downpipe, air is also drawn in and this significantly reduces the drainage capacity, making it less efficient. Additionally, gutters tend to get clogged with leaves and other debris. Blocked pipes and gutters cause the water to pond on the roof, which then may cause damage to the roof, at the very least. By contrast, a fully-engineered siphonic roof drainage system contains an anti-vortex plate that acts as a

baffle and prevents air (and debris) from entering the piping system at full flow, allowing the pipes to completely fill up with water. The water is sucked or siphoned from the roof down into the drain at high velocity. The lack of air and the downward pull of the water creates a vacuum, making the drainage process fast and efficent.

The advantages of a Wavin QuickStream siphonic roof drainage system

  • Fewer roof outlets and downpipes, smaller pipe diameter, shorter pipe lengths takes up less space and reduces installation costs
  • Pipes run level and full, without air; higher flow rates increases efficiency
  • Lateral pipes need no gradient maximises the use of the building height
  • Bracketing system is unaffected by pipe elongation resulting from temperature change resilient
  • Special inspection chambers allow ventilation and overflow, preventing water accumulating on the roof safety is of paramount importance to Wavin
  • Wavin design software has rigorous safety checks built in, therefore we only release safe designs optimised for performance, reliability and safety
  • QuickStream system is designed according to the characteristics of your building customer-focused
  • QuickStream also connects to our complete range of below-ground components seamless
  • Wavin bracketing system for horizontal pipe work fast, easy and safe installation
  • Robust design minimises the number of parts needed makes metal roof installation trouble-free

Wavin QuickStream is backed by over 30 years experience in the calculation and design of siphonic drainage systems. Our determination to “Connect to Better” is evident in the wide spectrum of innovative and sustainable rainwater solutions that we provide. And Wavin QuickStream is proof of that. 

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