The rise of underfloor heating

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2023-09-14 09:29:58

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With just a few years to go until the rules of the Future Homes Standard come into play in 2025 and gas boilers are banned in new developments, it’s well worth considering your role and how you can help to support people who are keen to make changes to their own home in order to dramatically reduce the amount of carbon emissions they produce.

Underfloor heating (UFH) not only provides higher levels of comfort for homeowners, but it also creates a safer and healthier living environment and makes considerable energy savings. Therefore, if homeowners were to update their existing heating system to a more energy efficient alternative, like underfloor heating, they’ll experience a number of different benefits. Before we explore underfloor heating in more detail, let’s first get a better understanding of the current mindset of UK homeowners regarding the heat systems being used in their homes.

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