The unnoticed benefits of underfloor heating for building occupants

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2023-09-07 09:38:35

Underfloor Heating (UFH) is described mainly through its numerical economic and energy benefits, however, there are also many qualitative benefits that go unnoticed. Our Whitepaper, produced by LCPDelta, uncovers those unnoticed benefits. As the building industry adapts to new energy-saving heating and cooling methods, the additional benefits of UFH to building occupants should also be considered. 


The way we currently design and build houses can cause some shortcomings of UFH, not UFH itself. It may take time for the building industry to adapt to best practices. The disruption of introducing UFH to existing homes has been recognised. It requires significant upheaval to replace or cover existing floors with UFH. This, however, can also be said for radiator systems where heat pumps are to be installed in existing homes. Adding, replacing, and replumbing is almost always necessary which, in this case, may be advisable to opt for UFH. 


It may take the building industry some time to adapt to best practices for the installation of underfloor heating. Whilst the installation of underfloor heating in existing homes can cause some upheaval, there can be equal or greater upheaval caused by replumbing of radiators which is almost always necessary when heat pumps are installed.


The are many additional benefits of UFH that can outweigh these issues:

  • From an aesthetic and house design perspective, there’s increased space availability, particularly for smaller homes, or new builds.
  • Available zone control in open spaces with UFH: Zone control can work in open plan areas such as kitchen, living, and dining areas where different temperatures may be desirable.
  • Avoidance of cold spots: A uniformly heated floor overcomes the common cold spots, especially in older homes, and solves the equal problem of where to place radiators in the homes.


These are just a few of the many positives of UFH. In addition to offering a heating system that is more efficient with significant thermal comfort and other advantage, UFH also offers a heat distribution option that is especially well suited to heat pump systems. 


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