Tigris K1 press-fit plumbing system | Your FAQs answered

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Jul 11, 2021 10:52:54 AM

We've had a few questions about our press-fit plumbing system Tigris K1 recently, so we sat down with Product Manager Kate Armstrong to answer them.

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What material is Tigris K1 pipe made from?

Wavin’s multilayer composite pipe comprises an inner plastic layer made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-c), an outer plastic layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and a butt welded (for consistent wall thickness) aluminium layer, in between.

The aluminium layer is welded to the inner and outer plastic layers by the use of a coupling agent, producing a pipe structure with a total of five layers. This two-step manufacturing process gives greater control, resulting in a consistently high-quality pipe.


Can I bend K1 multilayer pipe?

Yes. Tigris K1 pipe is dimensionally stable, resistant to unwanted movement, yet flexible enough to bend which significantly reduces the number of fittings needed and saves you both time and money.


What size do Tigris K1 pipe and fittings come in?

Tigris K1 pipe and fittings come in a range of sizes from 16mm up to 75mm.




How do I know if I’ve pressed the fitting correctly?

Each Tigris K1 fitting comes with a ‘leak window’ which not only offers a visual check that the pipe has been inserted correctly but will also reveal any incorrectly pressed or any unpressed fittings during a pressure test.


Can Tigris K1 be used on a continuous system such as in a hospital?

Yes. Tigris K1 is designed to meet the rigorous demands of a continuously operated system with maintained high pressure and water temperatures (up to 95°C at 6 bar pressure), as well as thermal and chemical disinfection.

Contact our Technical Services department at technical.design@wavin.co.uk with all the relevant information for your project and they’ll use our unique Lifetime Assessment Tool to guarantee the suitability of the Tigris K1 system for the job.


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