Wavin Aquacell Tackles Rainy Day Woes On Cheshire Redrow Development

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National housebuilder, Redrow Homes, is renowned not only for the superior standard of premium houses it creates but also for the high levels of attention to detail and quality of finish it delivers across the shared aspects and infrastructure of all its aspirational developments.

A key consideration for the housebuilder at its Cranberry Gardens development in Congleton, Cheshire, was ensuring the site had a future-proofed stormwater management system that would protect the premium houses during both regular and extreme weather conditions. With this in mind, Redrow and civil engineering contractor, Stuart Bowler Contractors, worked with Wavin to design and install a tailored Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) utilising the manufacturer’s AquaCell range.

Protecting a luxury project

Increasingly, to control the impact of a changing climate and the consequences of increased rainfall, housebuilders are turning to SuDS. These are specialist systems designed to mimic Mother Nature, collecting and managing stormwater at the source, allowing it to be released back into the environment via infiltration, and into to sewers and watercourses at a manageable rate.

For the Cranberry Gardens project, which contains over 200 three and four-bedroom homes, it was essential that the system specified was suitable for deep applications, and could withstand both regular and heavy traffic loadings, such as cars and HGVs (for vehicles up to 44 tonnes).

To meet the brief, Stuart Bowler Contractors selected Wavin’s AquaCell, a range of geocellular systems that have been extensively tried and tested, and are BBA approved, for managing excessive rainfall. The range features four types of units – AquaCell Eco, Core, Prime and Plus – which can be used as a standalone system or mixed and matched together in layers to value engineer the most cost-effective solution.

Construction worker installing aquacell

A fast and effective solution with no ongoing maintenance

When it came to the installation, the range provided the project with a multitude of benefits. The units are not only lightweight and easy to handle but can also be quickly assembled on site. In addition, the units can be brick bonded for greater strength and stability and can be mixed and matched to create the optimum installation. These features made the AquaCell system the perfect solution for ensuring the installation adhered to strict budgets and timescales.

The AquaCell systems used on the project, AquaCell LB075 Prime, and AquaCell 6LB200 Plus provided a fast solution in both installation designs with the benefit of no ongoing maintenance. AquaCell Plus has been designed primarily for use in applications where inspectability is required and is suitable for use in all applications. AquaCell Prime is manufactured from specially reformulated, recycled material. It is ideal for use in both shallow and deep applications, such as car parks or landscaped areas.

A key challenge for the project was that the system needed to connect to a concrete manhole. The contractors turned to Wavin’s technical engineering team, which provided design support in creating a bespoke solution to meet the requirement. The end solution utilised the versatility of the AquaCell units to provide a smooth direct connection to the manhole and effectively manage the flow of water.  


construction worker installing another aquacell crate

In addition, Q-Bic Plus offers enhanced modularity compared with standard-engineered SuDS, providing engineers with even greater freedom to design a system that meets the unique needs of each site. It also significantly streamlines the installation process, as sections of the system can be moved and fixed into place by hand. 

To further support the SuDS system in removing excess water during heavy rain, Wavin’s OsmaDrain pipe systems have been installed across the site. These connect the Q-Bic Plus tanks with the rest of the guttering and drainage network in the development in order to channel rainwater from roofs, footpaths and the car park into the SuDS, managing surface water levels in the development. 

Martin Lambley, Product Manager for Stormwater Management at Wavin, commented: "Simplifying the monitoring and care of SuDS is key to making sure they offer the same great performance over the long term as they did the day they were installed."


large aquacell installation in ground outdoors on a sunny day

With strict project timings to adhere to, AquaCell Prime allowed us to install the system quickly and effectively while its flexibility meant we were able to develop a custom solution that met multiple project requirements.
Stuart Bowler , Managing Director at Stuart Bowler Contractors.


Stuart also commented, “Wavin was also on hand throughout to provide technical support on how to use the range to meet particular project requirements. The technical team at Wavin provided advice and solutions on the connection with a concrete base. The design we developed with Wavin allowed us to switch from a standard manifold connection design to utilising the AquaCell Plus as a box connection instead, for example.

“The end result means that Redrow and the development’s future residents can rest assured that Cranberry Gardens will be protected from the threat of floods with a system that will last well into the future with minimal maintenance requirements.”

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