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2023-03-15 09:19:52

Mitigating noise pollution is a key concern for developers and contractors working on new apartment complexes, particularly those in the premium end of the market. In particular, the sound from wastewater pipes can become an annoyance for residents.

One new residential development near Cambridge confronted this issue head-on by making the most of Wavin’s innovative Acoustic Soil Plus (AS+) solution. Darwin Green, on the outskirts of Cambridge, is an exclusive new neighbourhood aimed at young professionals and families.

Part of the development has involved converting an office site, previously used by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), into 68 premium flats. With occupants living busy lives on varying schedules, it was important that tackling unwanted noise was top of the list of priorities for the developers. With that in mind, contractors, Coulson 
Building Group , were tasked with creating spaces that would ensure optimum levels of comfort for residents. To address potential issues of internal noise pollution coming from waste systems, Coulson needed to consider a number of factors which could cause unnecessary disturbances for end users.

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It’s all in the detail

Firstly, Coulson examined levels of airborne sound on the site, which is made as water passes through the pipe, and secondly, the structure-borne sound, which is generated afterwards and permeates through the pipe support, and across the whole building. To make the process even easier, Coulson was able to make use of Wavin’s Soundcheck Tool which provides guidance on how to meet the latest noise regulations by simulating the system acoustics in the final installation.

By filling in the individual parameters of the project, they were able to receive a full report on whether or not they would be meeting noise regulations. Once all of the considerations were taken into account, Coulson had a full picture of the project’s requirements and made use of Wavin’s new Acoustic Soil Plus (AS+) system to add additional soundproofing and create a truly low-noise solution for the 68 flat-property in Darwin Green.

Building on the success of the original Acoustic Soil drainage system, AS+ has new technology which provides advanced noise reduction capabilities. Currently the market leader for low-noise soil and waste systems, it features a unique material composition that absorbs sound
through increased pipe thickness and density. This allows the system to have a structure-borne dB rating of less than 10, and ensured the dwellings at Darwin Green exceed internal acoustic standards laid out in government legislation.

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Quick and easy to install

Regarding drainage in large developments with complex build schedules like this one, ease of installation is also important to keep everything on track. Coulson knew that by opting for AS+, they could install the products with minimal fuss, as AS+’s sculpture spigot reduces push-in force, while the patented blue seal ensures straightforward fitting, due to its shape, composition and integrated lubrication.

Neil King, Technical Sales Manager at Wavin said: “When we were approached by Coulson to help them find a suitable drainage system for this property in Darwin Green, it was clear that AS+ was the perfect solution. When working on a project that converts an old commercial space into a premium residential one, it’s important to opt for a low noise solution which will increase occupant comfort, and AS+ is a true market leader for this.”


David Grundy, Associate Director at Coulson Building Group, said: “We love to see new products and innovation in the industry, and we weren’t disappointed with AS+. Not only does it help us to exceed the required acoustic levels, but we also found it to be simple to install.

By installing a low-noise drainage system, Coulson Building Group has been able to provide peaceful, premium spaces for hundreds of current and future residents.


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