What is MLCP?

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2023-08-23 08:11:48

Multilayer composite piping, MLCP for short, is the modern way to transport both hot and cold water in a variety of plumbing situations. MLCP comprises of an outer layer of polythene raised temperature plastic coating and a central aluminium layer that incorporates the advantages of both materials. It’s flexible, incredibly strong, corrosion-resistant and easy to install.

Among its many advantages, the very fact that MLCP has inherent flexibility means that it can curve around the trickiest of spaces without needing extra joints and clipping points. Yet it is as strong as metal piping, with low heat expansion and fittings to suit any project.
In this blog we’ll look more closely at the many advantages of MLCP and we’ll explore the Tigris family – a complete program of pipe and fitting solutions for multi-layer composite pipe systems.

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What are the advantages of MLCP?

The popularity of MLCP means that it is now outselling copper across Europe. Plumbers and installers have realised that the fewer connections that are needed, the less chance there is of leaks occurring. Compared with copper, MLCP is less prone to biofilm build-up as it is protected during transport and storage, reducing the chances of the system containing bacteria prior to the installation. 

Plastic piping is also smoother, which lowers the chance of limescale forming. Limescale acts a shelter for biofilm build-up, allowing bacteria to flourish and increasing the risks of infections including Legionnaires’ Disease. 

The fitting of MLCP joints completely eliminates the need for soldering which is another big advantage of using this alternative system. Not only does this help to reduce the risk on site, but it also provides a safer alternative in older or historic properties containing wooden fixtures and fittings that are at risk of fire. Installers will also see a significant saving on overall costs as they’ll no longer need to get additional permissions or training to solder on site. 

Because they have an inner polythene coating, MLCP systems will not corrode. This is in contrast to copper, which is susceptible to certain types of corrosion that can eventually lead to a series of pinhole leaks. While these leaks are not always significant in themselves, a few can cause a consideration amount of water loss over time.

In addition to being a system offering a series of benefits to installers, it’s also an environmentally friendly solution. This is because MLCP is more sustainable than copper. As copper has to be mined and then heated to 1,000°c it releases large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Introducing Wavin's Tigris range

Over the years we have developed our very own multilayer pipes. Known as the Tigris range, it includes a complete programme of pipe and fitting solutions for MLCP systems, providing the most reliable connection.

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The Wavin Tigris K5 Multilayer composite pipe for drinking water applications

At the heart of this system is Radial Press-Fit technology, offering a complete PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone – a mouldable plastic) line with Tigris K5 or K5 fittings, or a brass line with Tigris M5 or M5 fittings. 


As a real product family, we’ve created a suite of fittings which fit to the same multilayer composite pipe guaranteeing a truly one-fits all solution!
The Wavin multilayer composite pipes (MP) comprise of an internal layer of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xc), an external protection layer in HD-PE and an intermediate butt welded aluminium layer. These layers are connected by means of bonding agents, producing a pipe structure with a total of five layers.

The Tigris range comes with its own unique benefits. Designed with installers in mind, the Wavin MLCP structure features a big inner diameter to create an optimal flow performance. It can also be used in a wide variety of applications from drinking water to heating systems and is suitable for all kinds of water qualities.

The additional benefits include:
•    Able to cope with high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance
•    Has a butt-weld aluminium layer creating uniform thickness and resistance to peeling apart
•    Low weight
•    Physiologically harmless
•    Quick and safe assembly
•    Available on coils and straight lengths
•    Pre-insulated or with protection pipe
•    Easy to cut and easy to bend which means it can be used by a single installer

The optimal aluminium thickness means it can be bent by hand or supported by bending springs and bending pliers. The Wavin multilayer composite pipes are classified by the kind of application according to ISO 21003. 

The UK's leading range of multilayer pipes and fitting solutions

To find out more information about the latest Tigris range which is specified all over the UK and Europe and rated highly for its quality, performance and reliability click here. Alternatively, get in touch with our team below for advice and support on your next project’s requirements.

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