WholeHouse and Wavin working together to revolutionise the housing market

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2023-07-24 12:31:16

Wavin is delighted to be working with WholeHouse by Travis Perkins to revolutionise the housing market by enabling easier and faster construction of high quality sustainable homes and unlocking cost savings for developers. 

WholeHouse is a solution to enable housebuilders to build quality, sustainable homes, easier, faster and without wasting unnecessary time or money. The platform enables developers to plan, design, and configure 2, 3, and 4 bedroom houses, with millions of options for customization, all at the click of a button. The designs, plans, material schedules, and costs are almost immediately produced, ensuring a compliant design, to industry standards. 
For the past 2 years Wavin have been working in collaboration with Wholehouse to enable Hep2o and OSMA products are automatically included in all designs. Wavin underfloor heating is now included as an option, to make a heat pump and underfloor option to meet new building regulations for low carbon, efficient housing. 

Working in BIM enables a full design to be created and for options to be reviewed with an instant understanding of the visual impact and cost of the options to be clear. This translates into the detailed model and drawings required for planning once the house design is finalized.

Wholehouse Travis Perkins

Wavin had the pleasure of welcoming the leadership team of WholeHouse by Travis Perkins at their Chippenham site on the 27th of June, to discuss the progress so far and future collaboration on high quality new houses.

Adam Salt, Design Engineer & BIM Co-Ordinator for Wavin said of the project: ‘The benefit for the builder is the simplification of the whole process, and how it reduces the risk for them. All of the work has been done up front, and it is a case of choosing the options’


Martyn Neil, Commercial Director for Wavin Indoor Climate Solutions was impressed with the platform. ‘WholeHouse are bring together energy efficient, building regulation compliant solutions onto a digital platform based on BIM. The ability to select between complaint climate solutions, such as heat pump and underfloor heating, enables users to understand the options they have available, the cost, and the impact on the house they are building.”

Alongside meeting the Wavin team, WholeHouse were able to see the products in the designs being made, by visiting the Wavin Chippenham factory to witness the highest quality of UK manufacturing.

Wavin on WholeHouse

Wavin Hep2O

A plastic push fit system that is suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems. It is quick and easy to install, provides secure and reliable connections and comes with a 50 year guarantee.

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Wavin Osma Soil & Waste

A comprehensive range of soil and waste systems including pipe and fittings including brackets, bends, junctions, access fittings and terminations with a choice of push-fit, solvent weld waste ranges, together with trap, overflow & condensate ranges to cover all installation needs.

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Wavin Osma Rainwater

The Wavin Osma Rainwater range offers a choice of rainwater gutter profiles to meet varying aesthetic, performance and installation requirements. 

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Wavin Underfloor Heating

Wavin underfloor heating solutions are compatible with any heat source or floor construction and include pipes, fittings, manifolds, panels, accessories, controls and thermostats, providing flexibility, ease of installation and longevity.

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Wavin BIM Revit Packages

WholeHouse customers benefit from the project using Wavin's highly accurate, market leading Revit Packages, which has resulted in an as built model being created in the design stage. Giving the customer full visibility of the piping systems required for the project. 

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