Wavin's Declan Conlon announced as Octabuild Chairperson 2023-24

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2023-04-05 15:44:54

Our very own, Declan Conlon, sales manager at Wavin Ireland, has been elected as Chairperson of Octabuild for 2023 - 2024. Declan has been a member of the Octabuild board for 10 years before his recent appointment as chairman. 

What is Octabuild? 

Established in 1984, Octabuild is a building manufacturer organisation designed to promote high-quality and sustainable Irish-manufactured products for the construction, building and DIY industries.  Wavin is one of 8 members of the Octabuild organisation, the other 7 being -  Dulux Paints, Etex Ireland, Glennon Brothers, Grant Engineering, Gyproc, Irish Cement and Kingspan Insulation.

All eight Octabuild members share four common values: download (2)

  • A solid manufacturing base in Ireland
  • Operating to the highest technical and management quality standards
  • Market leaders in their business sectors 
  • Develop strong relationships with builders merchants and use them as a primary sales route to their end-user

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What did Declan have to say upon his appointment? 

Speaking for the first time as newly appointed Octabuild Chairman, Declan spoke of the importance of the Octabuild values and in particular building valuable working relationships with merchants: “I have spent my whole working life supplying products to the merchant sector so this relationship is obviously very important to me personally. I believe in partnership and the value of long-term mutually beneficial relationships, which is central to the Octabuild ethos, and I look forward to working with the merchant sector to deliver the benefits of the partnership for us all.”

Declan also commented on the impact Octabuild can have on the construction sector: “I believe that the shocks that have been experienced in the global economy over the last three years have re-emphasised the value of Irish-based manufacturing and I believe that the Octabuild values of excellence, innovation, and sustainability are as important as ever.”