Expand your thinking with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter: Sustainability, Risk and Profit

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2023-02-16 08:54:59

Our 'Expand your Thinking' Series aims to challenge your thinking around some of the big issues facing businesses in the construction industry within Ireland. The videos and downloadable guides were created by Wavin in partnership with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter. Each episode features a video covering a different topic and an accompanying downloadable interactive guide.




Could you change sustainability from a challenge into an opportunity for your business? In this video, Maria explains how sustainability can not only help you to protect the environment but also to stand out from your competition and resonate with your customers as they become more eco-conscious


Download the guide to get started on actioning some of the points Maria discusses on Sustainability within the video here.





In this video, Maria shares a simple exercise on how you can manage the risks for your projects and business. She explains how you can learn lessons from the past to improve your projects in the future.

Download the guide to replicate the simple exercise and improve the future risk management of your current or future projects here




In this video, Maria looks at how to differentiate your offering, get the price right and move away from the race to the bottom. Maria explains the four key areas that can impact value and profit and how you can think differently about profit.

Download the guide which enables you to think further about the four key areas Maria discusses regarding profit in the video here