Green cities: Wavin's TreeTank Solution

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2022-06-19 22:00:00

Greenery architects and city authorities realize how much good green can do in the city. On a daily basis, however, they find out that trees are sensitive and vulnerable to threats, incl. drought, which poses a risk of losing large expenditures on the creation, maintenance and care of the good condition of trees. Planting trees in a traditional way - directly next to roads or sidewalks without any additional solutions causes the trees to grow with difficulty, die or their roots grow upwards causing damage to the surface, e.g. bulging or cracking.

So how do the Wavin Q-Bic Plus tree tanks work? In the place where the tree will be planted, an empty space is dug, in which plastic retention and drainage boxes are then placed. The tree should be planted in the centre, anchored and the rest of the space filled with a special substrate. In addition to the ground, water and air are also crucial for the growth of a tree. They are delivered to the roots by spreading drainage pipes. The tank structure is limited by permeable outer walls on all sides, providing a protective structure for the tree's soil volume. The side walls have a dual function - on the one hand, they ensure no contact between the surrounding soil and the ground, on the other hand, they serve as a retaining wall between compacted and non-compacted soil, which allows the soil to be compacted around the tank in accordance with applicable standards.

The structure of the tank ensures complete resistance to movement and soil above the tank, and the substrate inside the tank remains uncompressed. This creates not only an ideal environment for the tree to grow, but a solution to ensure that the surface around the tree stays in good condition without bulging or cracking due to the roots. The tanks can also be quickly installed and dismantled. If, for example, at a later stage it is necessary to lay cables or pipes in the ground, the tree container can be easily excavated and opened. This creates not only an ideal environment for the tree to grow, but a solution to ensure that the surface around the tree stays in good condition without bulging or cracking due to the roots.

Wavin Q-Bic Plus tanks for trees enable the planting and growth of trees in areas where it would not normally be possible, e.g. in areas with a large number of paved surfaces or in areas with a substrate that prevents the natural development of trees.


Tanks for Wavin Q-Bic Plus trees in Hasselt, Belgium

For the first time, a solution in the form of Wavin Q-Bic Plus tree tanks was used in Belgium in the city of Hasselt, in the new district Quartier Bleu. Like many other cities, Hasselt also strives for as much greenery as possible within the city and the sustainable development of trees. Hence, the city decided on a new and "green" solution to the existing problem and used Wavin reservoirs for 86 newly planted trees. Wavin actively participated in the process of developing a solution, cooperating in this area with the contractor responsible for the work, including green architecture in Hasselt.


Wavin has an impressive history in the field of water management. The company was founded in 1955 with the aim of modernizing the water supply network in the Netherlands. In the following decades, it grew into the leading position in the European and Latin American markets. Today it is known as a global brand thanks to its innovative construction and infrastructure solutions. With its new goal of "Building a Healthy, Sustainable Environment", Wavin is committed to the further development of products that will keep cities that are living and loved in the future. How? By taking action on the 4 driving forces of Wavin: safe and efficient water supply, better sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and more efficient construction. 

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Image of Wavin Treetank in ground