New Product Launch: Tigris K5 Press-fit System with Acoustic Alert

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2023-09-29 12:36:46

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tigris K5/M5 a new range of 16mm to 40mm press-fit fittings for hot and cold drinking water, designed to effectively detect faults in unpressed fittings. This new launch builds on the success and reliability delivered by its predecessor, Tigris K1/M1.

The fittings unique design with the Acoustic Alert is the first to enable testing with air as well as water and the range comes with a variety of market-leading benefits to streamline the overall pressure testing process, whilst also ensuring accuracy and maintaining a hygienic pipe system.

The 80-decibel Whistle – acoustic alert is designed to easily identify unpressed fittings using an air pressure test. This feature ensures that installers can reliably and efficiently detect unpressed fittings in the loudest of environments.

Tigris K5 banner v3-1

K5 fittings incorporate a new transparent section as part of the body to give installers a quick visual check of the pipe insertion. This In4Sure 360° feature is a key benefit to ensuring a secure and leak free installation.

Additionally, the Optiflow feature ensures a 50% greater flow rate when compared with K1/M1. Designed to deliver optimal flow performance through the fittings, this is especially relevant for smaller pipe diameters, and will insure a higher total system performance.

Tigris K5/M5 fittings have a Multi-Press profile feature and are compatible with U, Up, H, TH and B profiles. The Multi-Press profile feature ensures installers do not require investment in any additional tooling.

Michael O’Donohoe, Wavin Country Director, Ireland commented, “The development of the new Tigris K5/M5 fittings with the Acoustic Alert and the In4Sure 360° feature is set to optimise the installation and pressure testing of this system across the industry and provide a variety of real-time benefits for installers. The wider diameter and increased flow rate make the fittings particularly beneficial for high-rise projects and larger developments, where there’s increased demand on the pumping system to supply water to upper levels.”

Using air in pressure testing is widely considered the most hygienic option and this should be as accessible as possible to the industry. Designed to focus on the needs of installers, these market-leading features are set to ensure that the pressure testing process is as easy, accurate and cost-efficient as possible.


The Tigris K5 /M5 plumbing system, manufactured in accordance with ISO 21003 and WRAS approved, is suitable for Hot and cold-water installations as well as heating systems. Whatever the application, Wavin Tigris K5/M5 offers the fittings and multi-layer pipes in diameters from 16-40mm needed to do a great job, every time. The Tigris K5 fittings comprise a PPSU body and the Tigris M5 comprise a brass body.

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*Acoustic Alert feature does NOT replace the pressure test.