RootSeal Technology highly commended at The Hardware Association Ireland Innovation Awards

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2023-02-17 11:13:00


At the recent Hardware Association Ireland Innovation Awards, we were delighted to hear our new product innovation to the Wavin Sewer range, RootSeal Technology, had been highly commended. RootSeal Technology was entered into the Build category. 

RootSeal Technology

This new product innovation to the Wavin Sewer range is designed to limit the threat of tree root ingress on drainage systems. Fittings will start to be installed with a distinctive green seal which contains a naturally occurring mineral inhibitor. Using this inhibitor, the seal deters root growth away from pipe fittings to protect the drainage system. 

Biodiversity was a key consideration of this innovation - the growth of trees and surrounding wildlife will not be impacted upon with the use of RootSeal Technology. 

Aside from extra system protection and assured environmental safety, the key benefit of RootSeal is that it is a product advancement with no extra cost meaning that the price of Wavin Sewer remains the same. A product with improved performance for the same price. This innovation will be a gradual roll out.  

You can find out more information about RootSeal Technology here 


The HAI Innovation Awards

We would like to thank everyone at The Hardware Association Ireland for this notion of commendation for our latest product innovation. To build healthy and sustainable environments, we believe we need to create sustainable solution to real problems – we believe RootSeal Technology does just that. 

The Hardware Association Ireland Innovation Awards took place on the evening of the 22nd of April at President’s Ball. It was great to be back with the industry celebrating some of the successes in recent times after such a long time away. You can find out more information on the awards ceremony, winners, and the rest of the show here.