Tigris K5/M5 receives highly commended at The HAI Innovation Awards

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2024-06-11 10:41:56

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At the recent Hardware Association Ireland Innovation Awards, we are delighted to hear our new product innovation, Tigris K5/M5, has received highly commended in the Best Build Product category. 

Tigris K5/M5

Wavin's improved press-fit system builds on the success and reliability delivered by its predecessor, Tigris K1/M1. The very first of its kind to feature the innovative Acoustic Alert function. Any un-pressed fitting will make itself known by producing a loud whistle. The fittings also offer an improved flow and can now be pressed with multiple pressing profiles. 

Features of the Tigris K5/M5 system
  • Easy fit - easy pipe insertion without calibration
  • In4Sure - proper pipe insertion visible 360° 
  • Pipe grip - pipe stays in position before pressing
  • Defined leak - clear visual water leaking when sleeve is not pressed


You can find out more information about Tigris K5/M5 here

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The HAI Innovation Awards 


We would like to thank everyone at The Hardware Association Ireland for this notion of commendation for our latest product innovation. You can find out more about the awards ceremony, winners, and the rest of the show here