Underfloor Heating: Common Myths Busted

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2022-03-06 23:00:00

There are lots of common misconceptions when it comes to the use, installation, and effectiveness of underfloor heating. In many instances, these misconceptions are ill-informed and not true. In this blog, we will be debunking some of these most common misconceptions of underfloor heating and also unveiling some truths.

Underfloor Heating is expensive

Cost is one of the main considerations of any decision. This is one that puts many off the decision to install underfloor heating. The initial cost of underfloor heating may be more expensive than alternative heating processes, but in the long run it is very cost-effective due to its high energy efficiency. This high efficiency correlates to bigger savings on energy bills.

However, as radiators continue to get bigger in size so does the price. As raw material costs increase to make larger and higher capacity radiators, the cost is passed onto end consumers meaning that the disparity in price between radiators and UFH systems is closer than it has ever been. 



Underfloor Heating is only an option for new homes

This is false. Underfloor heating is a great heating option for both new and existing homes. It can easily be installed into existing homes by an experienced and skilled installer. When undertaking a project on an existing home, underfloor heating helps create a greener home and provides more floor/wall space. 



Underfloor Heating is useless in the summer

Most heating methods only have the benefit of use in the colder months with no real need to switch on the central heating in July when it hits 30-degree heat outside. In contrast, underfloor heating has benefits during the warmer months. With cooling capabilities, underfloor heating can cool floors to lower temperatures meaning underfloor heating can create a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Underfloor Heating is difficult to install in existing homes

If installed by an experienced and skilled installer(s), underfloor heating installation is an easy process. Underfloor heating installers will take care of the whole situation removing any stress for homeowners. For installers, underfloor heating can be installed easily using the right techniques and tools within a short period of time and is easy to install in existing homes and buildings.

Underfloor Heating can’t be used with floor types like carpet or wood

A common misconception is that underfloor heating can’t be used with carpet or wood. These are both false. Research from the Carpet Foundation shows that underfloor heating works perfectly fine with carpets and results in no decrease in system effectiveness. Wooden floors are also suitable for underfloor heating, while some wouldn’t recommend it, using engineered wooden floors and underfloor heating creates an ideal partnership for a stylish and warm home.

Wavin Hep2O underfloor heating pipe placement