Wavin Ireland supports Focus Ireland's Sponsor a Star at Christmas

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2022-11-22 09:56:18

Christmas is a hard time for many. Especially in times like these. As part of our pledge to support our surrounding areas and local communities, we are delighted to say that we are, once again, sponsoring a star as part of the Focus Ireland Initiative.

Focus Ireland is a brilliant cause that works closely with underprivileged and vulnerable families to prevent homelessness and hunger. The Sponsor A Star Scheme aims to provide all children with a secure and safe home at Christmas - something no child should be without.SponsorAStar banner


The current trends for homelessness in Ireland are alarming. As of September 2022, 10,975 people in Ireland were homeless and relying upon emergency accommodation, with 3,342 of those being children. These figures are worrying and on the rise. Brilliant work from charities like Focus Ireland is vital in beating these concerning trends and providing the vulnerable with a place to call home. In 2020, 880 families and over 3,000 children received support from the services of Focus Ireland.


Charitable donations

Focus Ireland's vital support services would not be possible without charitable donations through fundraising efforts like Sponsor A Star. Through the Sponsor A Star initiative, we have sponsored a star that will be visible on a Christmas Tree on Grafton Road, Dublin - which will be visible for all to see. By coming together with businesses across Ireland, big or small, we will be able to put a smile on the faces of children this Christmas and take one step closer towards solving homelessness across the country.  

If you would like to support Focus Ireland's Sponsor A Star or find out more information, you can do so by clicking here