Why choose HepvO? The benefits of a waterless plumbing trap

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2021-08-08 10:00:52

As any good plumber knows, traditional water traps can lose their seal due to evaporation, siphonage, leaking or movement. An innovative waterless trap, HepvO doesn't encounter any of these issues and is suitable for use on a range of sanitary appliances.

What is HepvO?

HepvO is a unique waterless self-sealing waste valve that prevents the escape of foul sewer air from waste discharge systems and actively maintains the pressure equilibrium in soil and waste installations. When you need to prevent foul sewer gases from entering a building, the HepvO valve can be installed as an alternative to a conventional plumbing water trap.


Why use HepvO?

Traditional water traps can sometimes lose their seal due to evaporation, siphonage, leaking or movement, but since HepvO doesn’t rely on water to create a seal, it doesn’t carry these risks of failure. It also offers a great range of other benefits for both installers and end-users: HepvO can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it a perfect solution for a range of requirements, from wash hand basins to kitchen sinks and showers.

  • The unique design means there’s no U-bend in which waste material can potentially build up causing blockages and smells. Plus, tests have proven that not even soaps, detergents, hair or food particles can block the valve.

  • HepvO admits air into the drainage system, so there’s no need to add a 40mm air admittance valve for branch ventilation to relieve negative pressures, which means you don’t get the gurgling noises you get with a traditional water trap!

  • There’s no chance of evaporation, so it’s great for infrequent use such as in holiday lets, guest bathrooms, or park homes. HepvO also performs successfully in motor homes and even boats where water traps can lose their seal through movement and vibration.

  • HepvO will perform under back pressures which are 10 times greater than those experienced in a typical soil and waste system

HepvO can be used in a range of different sanitary applications as well as in unvented hot water applications. You can find more about Hepvo here.

You can also download product guides and manuals about HepVo here.