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2023-09-13 07:49:45

We’ve explored some of the most frequently asked questions about MLCP and our very own Tigris K5 range. 

What is MLCP?

MLCP is short for multilayer composite piping and is the modern way to transport both hot and cold water in a variety of plumbing situations. Read more in our post: What is MLCP?

Does Wavin have an MLCP system?

At Wavin we have developed our own multilayer composite piping or press-fit system which is suitable for potable water and heating applications across large scale industrial commercial builds including apartment blocks, hotels and educational establishments.

Over the years, Our Tigris system has built a fantastic reputation for providing quick, safe and reliable connections which don’t need soldering, welding or thread cutting.  The latest version, Tigris K5 is still a multilayer composite pipe and high quality polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) fittings featuring a fixed stainless steel sleeve. But it now also has these distinctive features for easy and reliable installation:

•    Acoustic leak alert with loud whistle indicating un-pressed fittings with air testing

•    Opti Flow with 50% increased inner bore for best in class performance
•    Multi Jaw compatibility with common pressing profiles including U, Up, TH, H and B
•    Easy pipe insertion without calibration
•    In4SureTM Technology with proper pipe position visible 360o
•    Pipe grip – pipe stays in position before pressing
•    Defined leak – clear visual water leak when sleeve not pressed
•    Ultra Seal with reliable O-ring sealing tested beyond market standards

It is available in various sizes ranging from 16mm to 75mm and is now widely used throughout Europe.
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What are the key features of the Tigris multilayer composite pipe?

The Wavin multilayer composite pipes offer a number of specific advantages including a bigger inner diameter for an optimal flow performance and a wide field of applications. Suitable for all kind of water qualities it can withstand high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. Plus, it’s light weight, easy to cut and bend and can be quickly and safely assembled.

Made with a butt-weld aluminium layer, the MLCP has a uniform thickness and is resistant to peeling apart.Tigris MLCP

What are the requirements for pressing the Tigris K5 MCLP fittings?

  • When pressing fittings for Tigris K5/M5, the jaw should always be positioned perpendicularly between the guides of the cap and fixring.
  • The pressing jaws should completely cover the metal cap in between the fixring and the metal cap rim.
  • For 16-20mm Th/B profiles: one jaw groove covers the fixring while the other jaw groove covers the metal cap collar.
  • For 25-40mm Th/B profiles: only the fixring is covered by the jaw groove.

Is it possible to bend the Wavin Tigris K5 MCLP?

Yes. The Wavin Tigris range is flexible to work with and can be bent either by hand or with a bending spring or bending pliers. 

Can threaded connectors be used on the Wavin Tigris system?

It is possible to use threaded connectors in conjunction with the Tigris system and other pipe systems to guarantee a reliable connection is made.
It’s important to remember that the assembly of threaded connections should be made in accordance with the local standards including DIN 30660 and DIN END 751-2.

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Is the Wavin Tigris K5 MLCP suitable for drinking water applications?

All Wavin multilayer composite pipes can be applied for hot and cold water installation as they meet all of the drinking water quality requirements and are certified accordingly.

How can you create a reliable connection with multilayer pipes?

At Wavin, we have developed radial press-fit fittings specifically to create fast, reliable and durable connections with multilayer pipes. Unlike other connection methods, radial press-fit systems offer a number of benefits and are incredibly easy to use. Simply cut the pipe, stick the fitting on the pipe and press – then it’s ready to test.

To guarantee peace of mind, Tigris radial press-fit fittings are continuously tested and developed. To date they are certified by DVGW and tested according to EN-ISO 21003.

How does the radial press-fit system work? 

Radial press-fit is when the metal cap is deformed by a pressing tool which creates a tight seal and mechanical connection after just one press.
The cap is typically deformed in a radial direction related to the pipe which is why it’s known as a radial press-fit system.

How can you identify faulty connections in the system?

It’s incredibly important that leak and pressure tests are conducted during the final phase of the installation process to identify any faults or leaks in the system.

The new Tigris K5/M5 system has been specially manufactured with a Wavin Acoustic Leak Alert helping plumbers to immediately discover if there are any unpressed connections in the system.

A loud acoustic whistle sound (equivalent to 80dBA) is generated from the leaking connection, making it incredibly easy for the plumber to detect the noise, find and fix the fault in the system.

What are the main benefits of completing leak and pressure tests with air rather than water?

Using air rather than water to complete leak and pressure tests comes with many benefits. In fact, using air is much cleaner as it completely eradicates the risk of legionella. Plus, it eliminates any water damage from pipes, avoids frozen pipes in the winter and saves time because it’s a much simpler and quicker way to test the system. Read more about the benefits of air pressure testing here.

Please note the Wavin K5/M5 feature Acoustic Leak Alert and Defined Leak so no matter whether air or water is used during the leak and pressure tests, any un-pressed fittings or faults can be easily detected.

How does the Tigris K5/M5 system compare to other multilayer composite pipes in terms of reliability and performance?

At Wavin, we understand that reliability is a number one priority for plumbers so the Tigris K5/M5 system has been designed specifically to deliver optimal flow performance and therefore features OPTI FLOW with up to a 50% larger inner bore. 

With this increased flow, the system delivers optimal flow performance, making Tigris K5 and M5 are the fittings of choice.

What pressing profiles is Tigris K5 MLCP compatible with?

The new Tigris K5 features multi-jaw which means that it can make a reliable press connection with a range of common pressing profiles including Up, H, U, B and TH.

What is PPSU?

PPSU or polyphenylsulfone is resistant to corrosion, encrustation and high temperatures making it a high performance plastic. 
Used in the Wavin Tigris K5 system, PPSU has extremely incredible impact strength and isn’t prone to stress cracks making it robust and insensitive to impacts.

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