Planting the First Guaranteed Irish Forest

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2023-12-15 10:17:15


Guaranteed Irish Forest Site 3

First Guaranteed Irish Forest of native trees is secured.

Enclaved at the border of counties. Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon, Guaranteed Irish has secured the site for its first ever forest of native Irish trees.

The 20ha site in Cloonakillina in Co. Mayo overlooks Cloonakillina Lough and is bordered to the southeast by the Clooneen river. Subject to final afforestation licensing, 16ha of the site will be planted with native Irish tree saplings.

This initiative is part of Guaranteed Irish wider commitment to encourage climate action engagement, increase biodiversity and improve public health and wellbeing. Guaranteed Irish membership shows commitment from businesses based in Ireland to provide quality jobs, while supporting the local community. The Guaranteed Irish Forest initiative aligns with the values of the business membership organisation, in creating employment for forestry upkeep and maintenance, benefitting a local community with access to a new amenity, and contributing to the national native Irish forestry targets. This project is funded by a collective of Guaranteed Irish members including Wavin, Cedral, Homevalue, Kingscourt Brick, and Kaymed.

In the raised, drier areas of the site, the likes of Scots pine, oak, hazel and birch will be planted while more water-tolerant species like alder and willow will be added to the lower wetter areas. In time, these trees will grow and create a beautiful biodiverse native woodland, which will be a home for many bird and animal species. It will also be open to the public as a place to relax, learn and connect with nature.

Declan Conlon, Sales Manager at Wavin Ireland has been involved in this project on behalf of Wavin from the start. He said, “It’s fantastic to see the next step in this legacy project. Revealing this beautiful site, which will be further enhanced by the planting of the forest, is an exciting development. Wavin is committed to creating healthy and sustainable environments and this forest is just one way we can bring that commitment to life. We look forward to watching as this forest grows and develops for the community around it to enjoy and we’re very proud to be involved.”

Clemence Jamet, Sustainability Manager, from Guaranteed Irish said “Guaranteed Irish is delighted to take this significant step in realising our commitment to Ireland's environment and its people. This forest of native Irish trees is a living testament to the power of collective action for a sustainable future. We envision this project not just as a forest but as a thriving hub of life, knowledge, and community engagement. We appreciate the support of our members including Wavin, Cedral, Homevalue, Kingscourt Brick and Kaymed. We look forward to watching it flourish and invite everyone to commit to protect and preserve the natural landscape around them.”

Guaranteed Irish Forest Site 2

Planting on the site will commence in the winter and continue over a three-year period. Guaranteed Irish and its members are committed to raising awareness of the importance of native Irish woodlands and their benefits for the people of Ireland.

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This biodiversity project is being established by The Nature Trust. The Nature Trust is a non-for-profit company backed by Coillte whose mission is to plant open access woodlands and restore natural habitat in Ireland. The Nature Trust works closely with local forestry companies to plant the forest over a three-year period. Once the forest is established, The Nature Trust will open it to the public and encourage local communities to come and enjoy the woodlands.

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 Planting the first Guaranteed Irish Forest - Picking Acorns for a greener future

Wavin Ireland roots itself in a ore sustainable Ireland with a commitment to co-funding the Guaranteed Irish Forest