Together we can take the next step… on World Water Day!

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2016-12-06 08:41:00

20 December 2016

Together, We Can Take the Next Step. In honour of World Water Day, this is the call to action by Wavin's parent company, Mexichem. Along with a dynamic group of industry leaders, Mexichem is spearheading a crusade to promote the responsible use of water.

The movement is called Project Hydros. In 2008 the Kaluz Group, consisting of Mexichem, Elementia and Grupo Financiero BX+, launched a set of four photography books about water – to build awareness of how to use this vital resource responsibly. The books spawned an environmental movement that grew and evolved over the next few years. Today, Project Hydros is reaching companies, communities and schools, teaching and encouraging the sustainable usage of hydrology resources.

To be effective, a leader must practice what he preaches. The consortium of Project Hydros founders are passionate over-achievers in their own sustainability practices. Here are some of the facts:

  •  Combined, they recycled 832 billion litres of water at their industrial operations in 2014.
  • That's 46% of their water.
  • That amount of water is the equivalent of 8 soccer stadiums - filled to the top.
  • Together, they will be re-using at least 70% of the water used in their production processes by 2018.
  • Simply put, water is essential to the work that they do and, as such, they are committed to using it responsibly.
As the global leader in the production of plastic pipes and connections and also one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in Latin America,  Mexichem  is involved in a myriad of sustainable water projects. From  designing irrigation solutions  and  re-building an urban sewage , to supplying drinking water to displaced families – Mexichem is at the helm. And Wavin is right in sync with these environmental efforts.

Join Mexichem and Wavin in celebrating World Water Day 2016. For more information on Project Hydros or to become a Water Ambassador, visit .

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