Water, the world’s most precious resource

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2016-12-06 12:47:00

06 December 2016

The future of water management is the future of our planet. Water is the most precious commodity on Earth. Wavin cares deeply about the quality of drinking water. We move it, store it and managed it with an extensive range of pipe systems that set the highest standards for safety and hygiene.

Water is always on the move, constantly recycled through the environment, the atmosphere, land, oceans and underground. There is about the same amount of water on earth now as there was millions of years ago, processed over and over through the water cycle. The rain falling where you are today may have been water in the ocean just days before!

The future of water access is in doubt for many, however. According to the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, by 2050 over half the world’s projected 9.7 billion population will live in water-stressed areas. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that water is a quality of life issue in both the developed and developing worlds. Consider that 200 million hours are consumed every day by women collecting water for their families. In the developing world, 80% of all illness is water related, a fact recently shared on Wavin Group's Facebook page. No matter where we live, a safe and sanitary supply of water determines the health of entire communities. Working with high quality piping material and a wide variety of reliable solutions makes a huge difference.


Wavin is trusted for our technology to move water, manage excess rainwater and more. Water sustainability is a driver for value creation, our focus is on better products and value for our customers, like water mains that are the backbone for distribution of drinking water to the consumer. Mexichem, of which Wavin is part, has a strong commitment to water conservation. Words that are supported by deeds, as Mexichem reuses at least 69% of the water that it consumes locally. Mexichem is also involved in the Hydros Project: an initiative designed to create local awareness in the use of and care for water. Read more on what the project entails in this news item on World Water Day.

The challenge maintains to be proactive in finding solutions that support sustainable water management–for today and the future!

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