Watercove, an exclusive Seafront Living By The Park resort-styled project in Singapore

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2017-02-07 06:24:00

Watercove, an exclusive Seafront Living By The Park resort-styled project in Singapore, a new era begin with the first Wavin Tigris innovative plumbing system.

Watercove promoting a new seafront living experience by Sembawang park in the North-Eastern of Singapore, an 80-unit of 3 levels strata landed housing development project providing all the tranquility and serenity the residents need away from the city. The idea of its design were inspired by Sembawang’s colonial black-and-white bungalows during British colony time.

In the recent year after experiencing a significant labor shortage in the building construction industry following the government initiatives and plan to raise the construction productivity level. One of the greater area in achieving the productivity gain is thru technology adaptation against the conventional system, take the example of water pipes for the plumbing system in the house, a typical system to that is copper most of time, higher train and skill workers are required very often time to perform the welding joint, less productivity, dealing with high temperature hot work and pose an occupational hazard to some extent.

Through Wavin Tigris exclusive “press fit” method, they crimp together the pipes to be jointed, there’s no hot work involve or permit prior to start work, and more environmental friendly. The press fit system of what Wavin is offering is that simple, less joint, thanks for the pipe are delivered in coil and more secure toward any potential leakage. It has led to tremendous productivity gain contributing an entire plumbing works in the construction.

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