Wavin celebrates World Water Day 2016 with better water, better jobs

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2016-12-27 08:41:00

27 December 2016

Water is the most precious and essential natural resource available to us, courtesy of Mother Earth. At Wavin, we recognise that water is vital to sustain life. Water quenches thirst and allows plant life to grow and thrive. It plays a key role in creating jobs and supporting economic, environmental and human development.

Water is essential to the work that we do and, as such, we are wholeheartedly committed to using water responsibly. In celebration of World Water Day, whose theme this year is "Better Water, Better Jobs," Wavin is shining a spotlight on its sustainable water management solutions and how these practices have the power to revitalise jobs and positively impact the livelihoods of workers.

It all begins with drinking water, the most fundamental natural resource. To maximise water quality and ensure that the highest safety and hygiene standards are met and exceeded, Wavin provides an extensive range of corrosion and encrustation-resistant pipe systems. The challenge to find superior water management solutions intensifies, when we move from the indoors to the great outdoors. The effects of climate change have prompted us to come up with innovative options to deal with the problem of excessive rainwater and flooding. Several months back, Wavin launched its Q-Bic Plus infiltration unit, creating a new standard in storm water management.

The Q-Bic Plus units come with design and installation support for engineers. This includes online calculation tools and technical formulas and advice on topics like legal compliance, performance and cost-efficiency. At Wavin our goal is to make an engineer’s job easier, more seamless... connect to better! For Wavin, this year's World Water Day theme of Better Water, Better Jobs is much more than a slogan. It's our profound commitment to sustainability.

Strategic sustainable development is also the essence of Project Hydros - a dynamic initiative spearheaded by our parent company, Mexichem. In 2014 alone, Mexichem recycled 832 billion liters of water at its industrial operations. That’s 46% of their water! By 2018, it is projected that at least 70% of the water used in their production process will be recycled. Now that is how to show respect for such a precious natural resource!

According to UN-Water, who coordinates the United Nation's work on water and sanitation for a better world, "Almost half of the world's workers - 1.5 billion people - work in water related sectors and nearly all jobs depend on water and those that ensure its safe delivery." Water means jobs. Join Wavin in the global celebration of water – by raising awareness of the need to preserve it, manage it and improve the conditions of the workers who represent such a large number of the world's workforce.

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