Wavin Duta Jaya hosts “Sustainable Plumbing Technology Innovation” symposium in Jakarta

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2016-09-21 08:41:00

21 September 2016

Wavin presented the next generation of two of its most popular piping products, SiTech and Tigris Green at their symposium event held on 30/08/2016 in Jakarta.

On August 30th, 2016, 400 engineers, architects, plumbing experts and consultants gathered at the stunning Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta to learn about the latest in leading-edge sustainable piping technology. Hosted by Wavin Duta Jaya, the symposium provided an excellent forum for like-minded industry members from the region to share ideas and innovations, gain more knowledge and conduct some productive business networking.

The need for high-quality sustainable water pipe installation continues to grow in Indonesia. And it is precisely this increasing demand for innovative and high-caliber plastic piping solutions that inspires Wavin to persist in improving the quality of its products – to meet the market needs of today… and tomorrow. This unwavering determination and commitment to excellence is why Wavin currently dominates the industry in this region. As proof of that, Wavin presented the next generation of two of its most popular piping products, SiTech and Tigris Green at their symposium event. These latest innovations are the SiTech+ and the Tigris Green PP-RCT products.

Wavin’s noise-reducing technology

Low-noise has become a key factor in the soil and waste segment of the piping industry. Wavin’s SiTech+ is a mineral-reinforced polypropylene (PP) water discharge system that is easy to install and. most importantly, reduces the noise mainly due to its 20% heavier fittings. “SiTech + comes with the concept of ribbed rifittings to facilitate easy installation, reduces the acoustics of water flow and displays a pipeline that is now black, which looks more clean and elegant”, said Putra Wijjaya, Wavin Duta Jaya Commercial Communication and Support Manager. The Wavin SiTech+ is a piping product solution particularly suited to mid and premium class of high rise buildings and hotels, such as the Hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta, JW Marriott Hotel Medan, Resort Bvlgari Bali, Hotel Trans Bandung, Water Park Solo, and Oakwood Residence Jakarta. These <L CODE="C09">multi-storey buildings </L>all have Wavin's pipe solutions installed. "In buildings of this type, the plumbing is problematic and unusually difficult to renovate because the material is generally embedded in the concrete. With SiTech+, we can guarantee the comfort for the building residents because we simply do not compromise on the quality of the piping materials we use,” he stated.

Wavin’s green piping solutions

And they are literally green in colour. The latest innovation in the hot and cold segment in the industry is Wavin’s Tigris Green PP-RCT.  Previously, PP-R was the product material commonly used for hot and cold applications. But thanks to a new generation polypropylene (PP-RCT) with better flow rate and improved pressure resistance, “Wavin’s Tigris Green PP-RCT can withstand water pressure up to 22 bars, 2 bars higher than it’s predecessor material,” said Putra Wijjaya.  "Because PPRCT material is stronger, a thinner pipe wall is possible and therewith a smaller diameter pipe and fittings can be chosen, offering the customer a better ánd more cost-effective solution. It comes with a connection system, heat fusion-guaranteed strength, leak- and maintenance- free," he concluded.

An information-packed symposium event

Some of the esteemed Indonesian and international plumbing experts who attended were Ir. M. Soufyan Noerbambang, MSME (graduate of ITB and the University of Kentucky), Drs. Tasrial, M.Si (graduate of Brawijaya University), and Ir. Santoso Ahmad, MT Dipl. (graduate of Sanitaer Technikum, Switzerland). Indeed, attendees from the local Jakarta area (and from throughout Indonesia) came to this event, expecting to learn about the latest (and greatest) in piping technology. They were not disappointed.  According to André Nijland (Wavin Overseas B.V. Area Manager Technology Licensing/Asia Pacific, North-America and speaker at the event), the symposium was “superbly organised by the Wavin Duta Jaya team and it was a resounding success. The attendee feedback was extremely positive.”  People left the hotel knowing much more about Wavin and its innovative, sustainable piping solutions than when they first arrived.

One can only imagine what Wavin Duta Jaya will present at next year’s symposium. One thing we know for sure, it will just get better and better.

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